Day 5/16: NO

First of all, if you are not a podcast listener kind of person, I apologise.  These next few posts will be podcast-based.

My tips for new podcast-listeners is to try listening to it on your commute (to work, to school, wherever you are going) with an earphone (I sometimes also listen to it before bed).  Once your brain is used to this idea, you can listen to it as you’re exercising, cooking, well, basically you can do it as you multi task and really, I swear by it! It’s the BEST!

For today’s post, I am sharing a podcast from . It is a series called, “NO”.  This series first aired in early 2017 before the “metoo” movement but then became part of it and I’d say it is also relevant to this year’s #hearmetoo movement.

In this four-part series, Kaitlin explores her sexual boundaries from youth to adulthood. She looks at the meaning of consent beyond “No means No and Yes means yes”. She looks at the social dynamic where sex is the universal currency. She talks to people her age, older, male, female, everyone.

She recorded the audio of herself making out with someone and had said no. She listened to it again and took out the words to see if her intonation matched the rejection she was voicing. Why wasn’t it heard?  Why was it misunderstood?

Here is a link to: NO

Hit me up if you have any comments or share your stories using #hearmetoo


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