You are a Woman

You are a woman

but above all, you are also a person

don’t let anyone forget that.

You should not be defined less than who you are as a fellow human being

You are a woman

Your body looks like one

You have breasts, a vagina and a uterus

they are all yours and yours alone

Take care of them and don’t let anyone tell you how they should look like, take advantage of it, use you for it or govern it for you.

They’re yours to take care of, protect and enjoy.

Everyone has different bodies.

It’s ok.

Respect others as you respect yours.

You don’t have to look like everyone else

You are a woman

you consist more than your boobs, vagina and uterus

You have a brain

use it.

you have a heart.

use it.

be critical, have empathy, and fight.

I love you.

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